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About Soha Kish Commercial Co

Soha Kish Commercial Co.

As a subsidiary of IRCS' Medical Procurement Organization, Soha kish Commercial Co. was founded in 2003. It was established under the name of "Kish Drugstore" in 2003.

In line  with IRCS' humanitarian goals, Soha Kish Commercial Co. has strived on taking effective measures to tackle the shortage of essential medicines in critical junctures. By doing so, it has played an eminent role in improving and maintaining public health system.


Goals and Activities:

  •      Importing specialty and sub-specialty medicines
  •     Preparing necessary infrastructure in order to become an exclusive agent of international renowned companies in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Iran
  •            Importing required medicines for research centers and medical community
  •      Developing business ties with top pharmaceutical companies
  •      Registering domestic pharmaceutical companies in different countries in order to facilitate export processes

Enjoying competent and committed personnel, Soha Kish Commercial Co. exerts every effort to fulfill its responsibilities and render top-notch services to Iranians and public health system.

This company has recently carried out broad activities on exporting pharmaceuticals and medical devices to African, Middle Eastern and CIS' countries.
Soha Kish's hard-working management team and personnel are determined to fulfill and get their important missions done with the greatest quality.