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MPO's Managing Director visits knowledge-based PersisGen, Maad accelerator companies
Cooperating with knowledge-based companies is a turning point for the production of specials in the country, said Dr. Askari
( 16 01 21)
Dr. Askari appointed as MPO's Managing Director
IRCS president in a decree appointed Dr. Askari as MPO's Managing Director
( 11 01 21)
MPO's Acting Managing Director visits knowledge-based Paya Fan Yakhte Cell Tech Accelerator Co.
Developing mutual cooperation for manufacturing medicines by applying recombinant DNA technology at Soha Pharmaceutical Co. was emphasized
( 05 01 21)
IRCS produced more than 100m syringes
MPO's Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. has produced more than 100m syringes from the beginning of the current solar year (starting from 20 March 2020) u
( 18 11 20)

Medicine News

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19
Tehran, Feb 17, IRNA/Global Times – Chinese media on Monday reported why Wuhan still needs thorough inspections of confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients.
The member of health and treatment Commission in the country asserted: Assuming needed policies by commission, expensiveness and lack of medicine problem is solved in the country.
Pointing to dust phenomenon, Head of Health of environment description that what people do to reduce effect on dust
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