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Dialysis equipment manufacturing in IRCS
MPO's Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. keeps constant manufacturing of dialysis equipment
23 November 2021
Soha Helal Disribution Co. records growth in sales index
Soha Helal Distribution Co. has recorded 66 to 88 percent of increase in its sales. The growth has been gained through selling pharmaceutical items
14 November 2021
IRCS manufactured 230K dialysis filters
MPO's Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. has manufactured 230k dialysis filters as of 2 Oct 2021 to 6 Nov 2021. Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. has
9 November 2021
MP, Governor of Savojbolagh Province paid a visit to Soha Pharmaceutical Co.
Soha Pharmaceutical Co. has successfully manufactured a brand new painkiller which is 10 times more effective than its equivalents
6 November 2021
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